Spacemakers Project, Hartcliffe, Bristol, BS13

Useful Links

There are a lot of useful areas to look at if you want to know more than we have throughout this website. A few articles were written near the end of the project, from various viewpoints that can be quite useful.

We are put together a list of different website, and different links to PDF Documents that give just a glimpse of what it was like for the young children who were part of this project - from the start at Trafford Hall, to the end at the grand opening (and beyond).

See below list of websites with useful websites;

Public Art Online -

Art and the public realm -

The National Archives (Cabe Archives) -

See below list of websites with useful links to PDF documents (front cover snap shots included below);

Art and the Public Realm - Young People Designing a Public Space -

Designing with Children - Spacemakers - Source Unverified (Link Expired)

Art in the public realm - The Spacemakers Project Case Study

Young Spacemakers Flyer - The Inspiration behind the name -