Spacemakers Project, Hartcliffe, Bristol, BS13

How did the original project meet its goals and objectives

What were the goals and objectives of the project?

There were FIVE clear goals/objectives for the project when it first started in 2002. These goals (or objectives if you like) were; to involve youth in the project; to develop a feeling of community; to create a level of ownership; to improve the self worth of the young people and finally to improve career prospects of the youth people.

To the right, we summarse the five of the points, to outline how the project included these elements in the project and therefore achieved these goals.

Below, we have testimonials from some of the original Young People involved with Spacemakers, and how the project helped them - focusing on these key goals and objectives.

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Involving Youth

16 Young People started the project in 2002, with trips to Manchester, Glasgow and more. The project finished with 10 Young People, due to individual circumstances meaning some dropped out during the project.

Improve Self Worth

Projects that include Young People to the extent that Spacemakers did, by involving them in every aspect of from their visions on each trip, their ambitions for Spacemakers, the inclusion in the design and development stage and the culture set by the adults helped to improve each Young Persons self worth.

Create Ownership

Spacemakers become the Young Peoples park - one that meant something not only to those Young People, but to their families, their friends and others associated with them. This meant for the years after Spacemakers opening day, it gave everyone involved a sense of ownership and even took pride in making it known they were one of the Spacemakers.

Feeling Of Community

The project brought the whole community together whilst the building process was underway - keepig the community up to date with Radio and Television interviews, which culminated with a gathering of over 150 people attending for the opening event. 

Improve Career Prospects

Many challenges were face accross the project, but these all helped the Young People understand difficulties that may be found in the "real world". In addition, the project included various educational elements including role play, presentations and other elements. 

The biggest learning curve for most what interviewing the project Landscape Architect which helped them to understand interviewing techniques - setting them in good stead for when their turn came for being interviewed themselves.

Young Peoples testimonials

Spacemakers was a fantastic initiative, and one I’d love to see repeated again, and again throughout the UK. With the closures of so many youth clubs in underprivileged suburbs of Bristol, now, more than ever projects like this are absolutely vital to build self-confidence, a sense of culture, and basic life skills for youths in these areas. As an alumnus of Spacemakers, I can confidently say that if it weren’t for this project I would have never even thought I could get a degree, travel the world, or run a business. All of which I have achieved, largely thanks to the inspiring experiences this program gave us. Through workshops, team exercises, presentations, and visits to various amazing locations, Spacemakers helped us see all the work that goes into creating a communal space. In doing this it gave us a real sense of ownership and pride for not just the park, but Hartcliffe as a whole.
Scott Dawe Managing Director